Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Whole New World

This morning we arrived at the Barcelona Airport. We showed our passports and claimed luggage. Our contact person from St. Paul's School was waiting for us and greeted us with kisses on the cheek. While he was talking and walking through the airport with us, it still hadn't hit me that I was in Spain. Then he told us that we would be divided into pairs and we would be getting a taxi. He gave several of us a post it note with the address of the residency and euros to pay for the taxi. When he told us how to ask for the receipt in Spanish was when I realized I was in Spain. I had never rode in a taxi before, but this was a great first experience!
Upon arrival of our residency, Emilie de Villeneuve, we were introduced the the director where we were told about house rules and given a tour of the facility. We were given keys to our own rooms equipped with a sink. This is a residency for female students who are International Students. The residency is also home to several nuns who work at the reception desk and other areas of the facility.
After the tour, our contact person showed us the bus stop we would be taking to arrive at our school. He took us to a place where we could buy public transportation passes. Then he took us on a tour of the school. It was beautiful and different from any school I had ever seen! He told us that most schools in this area used to be mansions that were converted to schools.
When we were finished, he took us to a local supermarket where we were able to buy some snacks. He told us that if we wanted to go to a restaurant to eat dinner, they would not be serving until 8:30 at night. He also told us that during school days, breakfast is usually around 10:45am and it could be anything from a sandwich to cookies! Then our lunch, which is the biggest meal of the day, will be after 1:00.

Link to Emilie de Villeneuve

Link to St. Paul's School

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