Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day One

Today was my first day of school. We had a meeting with the director of St. Paul's School and then we met our mentors. I would have been with first and second grade, but I told the mentor what my major was and she asked the Early Years director if I could go to a younger age group because it would be more beneficial. Now, I am in the kinder age group. Schools here are completely different from the U.S. In Spain, as soon as a child turns three they are enrolled in school. At this particular school, there is nursery, kinder, prep, then first grade and up. Students attend this school until they turn eighteen.

In my kinder class, children are learning to write their names, writing numbers zero through five, and recognizing numbers 0-10. Today I was able to sit in on the Kinder teacher's planning and helped think of ideas for a display they will be doing over Jack and the Beanstalk. Starting next week, I will be implementing activities in all three kinder classrooms. I am ready to accept the challenge!

While, we were at school, we learned about the holiday, St. Jordi, which is basically like our Valentine's day. All the men get women roses and women get men books. Streets are lined with roses and book kiosks. We went to the Centre of Barcelona and traveled down La Rambla. The Centre was packed because of the holiday. It was quite a site!

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